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Oral Surgery             

Losing What God Gave You? 

Sometimes a tooth becomes irreparable due to extensive decay, bone loss or injury to the tooth. In that unfortunate case, it's time to take out what God gave you! Dr. Emmons provides a range of solutions for your oral surgery needs. From baby teeth that just won't come out, to teeth that are starting to fall out and even to root tips that didn't come out, Dr. Emmons has the expertise and finesse for the extraction. We pray that your tooth doesn't get to this point, but if it does, you have options to restore your beautiful smile once the tooth is extracted. 

At the Dentist

As Dr. Emmons always says, "There's nothing like what God gave you." Therefore, we try our best to prevent the need to extract teeth. Sometimes, though, it's necessary and is the best remedy for you. If you have a badly broken or very loose tooth, call for an appointment for Dr. Emmons to evaluate the tooth and explain the best option for you. 

Your Comfort

The word "surgery" almost always conjures up concerns and fears. The primary concern for many patients when contemplating oral surgery is discomfort and pain. At Integrity Family Dental, we have two primary concerns: one is to provide the oral surgery procedure that you need and the other is to make you comfortable while doing so. We have three ways to make you comfortable and relaxed during any surgical procedure. 

The first way is the use of nitrous (nitrogen oxide), or "laughing gas." Although not covered by most insurance plans, laughing gas is very affordable and helps you remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Laughing gas is also a very safe option.

The second way we make you feel comfortable is through our comforting staff. It's amazing what a difference a genuinely caring, comforting staff can make in helping you relax and remain comfortable during dental treatment.

Now, if you need a third way to remain relaxed and comfortable, Dr. Emmons is known to sing hymns to patients who request them. We've even had patients bring their list of hymns they wanted Dr. Emmons to sing! Many of our patients testify that coming to Integrity Family Dental changed them from hating and fearing dental visits to actually looking forward to them. Dr. Emmons and her comforting staff are the main reason for that transformation, and the hymn singing certainly helps! So if you're a hymn lover, don't hesitate to request your favorite hymn! 

Root Canals

There are times when the inside canals of a tooth become infected or a cavity is so deep that removing it exposes the nerve to pain and sensitivity. In these cases, root canal therapy is typically indicated. During a root canal, the dentist opens a small hole in the top of the tooth, then inserts a small file used to remove the infected nerve and pulp. The inside of the tooth is cleaned, shaped and disinfected, then the canals are filled with a rubberized plastic filling material and the hole in the top of the tooth is closed. Although root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years, most patients tolerate them very well, and they often relieve patients of considerable pain.

Call for Comfort

Dr. Emmons & Her Comforting Staff are at Your Service!
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