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Restorative Dentistry

A Healthy Smile

Healthy teeth are essential for overall health and for a beautiful smile. When you suffer from tooth decay, a broken tooth or from other damage to your teeth, it's comforting to know you have a dentist conveniently located in Heath, TX, who is affordable and compassionate, and who can restore your teeth to their full functionality, strength and natural beauty. Integrity Family Dental offers a suitable array of services at affordable prices and only recommends treatment you need to restore or protect you health and renew your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Unfortunately, cavities are a common nuisance, and many of us have experienced them all too often. Some people are more prone to tooth decay than others, due to a number of factors including diet, health and even genetics. Tooth decay can often cause pain, and if left untreated, can lead to the need for more extensive and expensive procedures.

If your routine exam reveals tooth decay, Dr. Emmons can gently remove the decay and restore your tooth, and your smile, with a long-lasting, tooth-colored resin filling. The filling not only restores the tooth to a healthy and beautiful state, it also protects the tooth from harmful bacteria. The tooth-colored filling can withstand the forces of biting and temperature changes better than amalgam fillings, and it blends naturally with your teeth.


Crowns are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored (or gold) "caps" made out of porcelain and used to restore a tooth that has broken or has had such extensive decay that a filling will not work.  Once all decay is removed and the remaining tooth is contoured for a lasting fit, a crown is used to restore the tooth and protect it from further decay, weakening or breakage.


At Integrity Family Dental, we take a conservative approach. Crowns necessitate the removal of more tooth structure than do fillings, and they are considerably more costly for the patient. Therefore, we recommend crowns to our patients only when necessary, when a filling just won't do in order to fully restore the tooth. Crowns can also be custom matched to the shade of the surrounding teeth for a beautiful and natural-looking smile!


What if you have a tooth missing, get one knocked out or have such extensive decay that the tooth is non-restorable and must be extracted? No worries! A bridge just might be your answer. A bridge incorporates a porcelain tooth between and attached to two crowns. The two crowns fit down onto the two prepped teeth on either side of the gap made by the missing tooth. The porcelain tooth takes the place of the tooth that is missing, and it provides both function and aesthetics. 

You may wonder if a bridge is really necessary for a missing tooth toward the back of the mouth where no one can see the gap? Well, actually, yes. Remember, a bridge provides function as well as aesthetics. Placing a bridge to fill a gap can help keep the teeth from shifting, which can keep you from the accompanying problems such as misalignment of your bite, tooth pain and TMJ issues. You may also want to read about implants and implant-supported bridges here.


Teeth are important not only to our ability to eat the foods we love and need, but also to the way we speak and the way we look when we smile. Losing teeth can have a negative impact on various aspects of our lives: our diet, our interaction with others and our emotions. Thankfully, Integrity Family Dental has solutions. Dentures & Partial Dentures replace missing teeth and enable you, once again, to enjoy eating, and to speak and smile naturally. Implant-supported dentures provide exceptional durability, strength and stability. Read more about the implant-supported denture here.

Your Heath Family Smile Center!

Got a cavity or broken tooth? Need to fill that gap? Give us a call at Integrity Family Dental to schedule your restorative dental appointment and get your whole smile back!
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