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Give Your Pearly Whites a New Shine

Tired of dingy, yellowed or stained teeth? Embarrassed to smile? Got a special event for which you want to look your best? Professional teeth whitening at your local, friendly, Heath dental family is the answer!   Give us a call today to schedule your teeth whitening and boost your confidence in your beautiful smile!

Teeth Whitening       

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Customized Teeth-Whitening Trays

There are many methods of teeth whitening today. Some offer ready-made trays filled with whitening gel so you won't have to "mess with" taking impressions. At Integrity Family Dental, we believe the added step of taking impressions better allows us to customize your whitening experience in order to maximize the whitening effect and make your experience more comfortable with trays that are made to fit your teeth. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

Sure, there are over-the-counter whitening products that actually might cost you less. So why would you go to a professional for teeth whitening? There are at least four reasons. First, wouldn't you rather have a professional doing it? Second, it's also about customization. A dentist can customize your treatment as well as the trays so that you get the results you're looking for. Third, a professional can also monitor the process and help you with any tooth sensitivity or possible gum irritation. Fourth, the products the dentist uses are more effective than over-the-counter remedies. Let the professional oversee the process and get your teeth whitening done the right way. 

Permanent Teeth Whitening?!

No. Sorry, but no teeth-whitening system produces permanent results. Why? Well, because teeth continually get stained from food and drinks. Even brushing does not prevent all staining, although brushing immediately after eating or drinking dark drinks helps. Teeth can also become discolored over time due to aging. Discoloration is a natural process, but professional teeth whitening will give you longer lasting results than over-the-counter products, which, by the way, means that the extra cost for professional teeth whitening isn't as much extra as it first appears, since you will go through the over-the-counter products at a faster rate. 

Safe Teeth Whitening

Is teeth whitening safe? If your teeth-whitening efforts are under the supervision of a professional, the answer is, "Absolutely yes!" It is safe. You may, though, experience tooth sensitivity with whitening, but it should resolve shortly on its own. Dr. Emmons also recommends that you have a thorough dental examination before beginning your teeth whitening, to make sure any dental issues you may have are taken care of first. 


If you have questions about teeth whitening that are not addressed here, feel free to call our office. We would love the opportunity to explain the process and go over pricing. 

Give Your Pearly Whites a New Shine!

Whether you live in Rockwall, Heath or Forney, you want your teeth to look their best.
Schedule now for teeth whitening at Integrity Family Dental and you'll be looking good in no time! 
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